VTech Switch and Go Dragon Roadhog

December 6, 2022

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Rev up the fun with the transforming Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog! Buckle up, it’s time for a rowdy ride with this road hog.

VTech Switch

This tough creature wows friends and enemies alike, transforming from a dragon to a roadhog race car and back again! Cool dragon light effects and an animated LCD screen featuring dragon eyes or a race car driver enhance role-play fun. 50+ awesome sound effects bring its world to life. Pit the roadhog against other Switch & Go transforming vehicles for a fearsome match-up.

Easy Transformation
Transform the dangerous dragon into a rugged race car and back with just a few simple steps.

Ferocious Fire!
Press the action button to see the dragon breathe fire and slash its claws. Listen to the dragon talk and watch its fierce eyes light up.

Vehicle Mode
Race time! Change the dragon into a vehicle and hear the animated driver talk about how no one can catch him.

Electronic Learning Toys

Kids who love cars and mystic animals (I believe this is all kids) will enjoy the fact that this car is both, and younger kids will like that it easily transforms. Unlike other 2-in-1 toys (we won’t roll out names), there aren’t a ton of steps to transform the Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog from the former to the latter. Kids press one button to transform it from muscle car to muscled creature and can change it back in just two easy steps.

The technology behind the toy doesn’t end there, it also features a screen that showcases an animated driver when in road hog mode and a fiery face when it’s a dragon. The driver exclaims that it’s on the move by shouting that no one can catch it. In dragon mode, the fierce beast’s eyes switch from friendly to ferocious when it’s ready for action.

Go Dragon Roadhog

Check out the driver on the animated screen and hear him talk about how no one can catch him. Road warrior charging through! One-touch transformation switches the road hog into a dynamic dragon. This fierce beast breathes fire and slashes its claws when you press the action button. Claws slash, teeth gnash! See how its animated eyes change from friendly to fierce when its ready for action. Two easy-peasy moves turn the dragon back into a roarin’ road hog. Engine purring, ready to go! Challenge other Switch & Go vehicles to a race and see whos the fiercest, fastest and most powerful! Build a Switch & Go world. Additional Switch & Go vehicles sold separately. Intended for ages 4+ years. Requires 2 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.

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